Supersized Factory Ship Retrieving Ocean Plastic Waste




Born in 1954, Serge Menard is a Norman Frenchman who has mainly resided in southern France for the past ten years.


After an education in mechanical engineering, the Founder’s career went in an atypical direction.


He had always maintained ties with the marine industry, first through a fishery owner he had known for twenty years, then through the development of a major initiative in offshore aquaculture with the support of a consortium

of industrialists based in Upper Normandy, France. This process put him in contact with naval engineers, offshore oil technicians, and marine biologists working in the private sector or at universities.


Having acquired a wealth of knowledge from this experience, the Founder began to focus on naval and offshore designs intended to protect the oceans, offshore aquaculture, and to support the marine industries of developing third world countries.


In 2003 he designed and patented a supersized ship (essentially a mobile port) named the ‘Sea Angel’. This 460-meter long ship is capable of retrieving stranded supertankers even in adverse weather conditions, thereby averting potential oil spills.


Its design was approved by the Bassins d’Essai des Carènes du Val de Reuil belonging to the D.G.A. (Délégation Générale à l’Armement), a testing site

under the oversight of the French Ministry of Defence which most notably evaluates aircraft carriers, attack submarines and multi-mission frigates.


The Founder counts among his numerous projects a recently patented and completely ecological offshore marine farm whose patent has recently been extended internationally. He also has a variety of other projects waiting in

the wings that can be developed in the near future.


All of his projects are in accord with the standards of modern ecology and sustainable development and have the oceans as their focal point but for now, the Founder has the Ocean Phoenix's launch as his top priority, in light of the grave consequences presented by ocean pollution.





A partner and friend of Serge Ménard, he has been the general manager of several companies and has also served as the administrative, financial and human resources director of a large industrial group.

His training, his experience and his versatility predestined him to assist Serge Ménard in the direction of the technical control of the group.

1977-1979:      Graduated as a civil engineer from Ostold University College
1981-1986:      Earned a masters in Business Mananement with a focus on

                         Marketing and Industrial Mananement
1989-1998:      Trained in ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and MRP

                         (Manufacturing Resource Planning) and SAP.

Honorary Positions:

2000-2002:     President of the Norwegian Businessmen in France

2006-2008:     Member of the Advisory Board of the National Federation           

                        of Aquaculture

Languages:    He is fluent in speaking and writing Norwegian (native

                        language), French, English, German, Swedish, Danish.

A partner and friend of Serge Ménard, Christophe has been involved in high-level missions as an ICT expert commissioned by leading industrial groups such as: General Electric, Fiat, BNP Paribas, Keyspan and agencies such as: US Department of Education, State of Arizona, Australian Taxation Office.

Christophe also has extensive experience in the field of high-level commercial transactions.

Christophe has lived on four continents: Europe, USA (7+ years), Asia (2+ years), Australia (2+ years), Middle East (2+ years), currently based in the South of France.

Languages:  Fluent in speaking and writing French (native language) and English. 


The Founder has been supported over the years by a number of individuals who have lent their assistance to the project. Their contributions have sustained the project's development.


Among them can be found CEO's, marine biologists, engineers, marine officers, and, more simply, the Founder's personal acquaintances. Some among their number may be recruited to work in the management teams that will be established in the near future.



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