Supersized Factory Ship Retrieving Ocean Plastic Waste



The Offshore Partners B.V was formed in 2004. The founders’ objective was to create a company that could provide support and services on contract/project management basis for the Offshore

and Maritime Industry, tailored to clients’ needs and requirements.


From the start, TOP has been involved in a variety of vessel conversion and new build projects. Today TOP has grown to become

a prominent multi-disciplinary service provider for the Offshore and Maritime Industry.


TOP’s strength is found in the combination of the knowledge and experience of its partners and staff and the diverse nature of what the company has to offer. TOP's team and approach can best be described as typically Rotterdam: in other words, ‘no-nonsense’, ‘practical’, ‘fair’ and ‘straightforward’, with a personal and friendly working climate in which every person – be they co-worker, client

or supplier – feels right at home.


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The Offshore Partners' Headquarters:


Sluisjesdijk 155 - 3087 AG Rotterdam,  The Netherlands