Supersized Factory Ship Retrieving Ocean Plastic Waste





OCEAN PHOENIX 360 is a truly unique giant factory-ship capable of eradicating the millions of tons of plastic waste that have accumulated in the North Pacific and other Oceans around the world.


Its technical features are impressive:


. 360m in Length (393 Yd)

. 115m in Width (125 Yd) - (roughly the width of two supertankers side by side)

. Draft length 30m (38 Yd) - (this can be reduced to 16m / 17 Yd by de-ballasting)


OCEAN PHOENIX 360 is capable of retrieving, compressing, and packing the waste

in accordance with road transportation regulations, this taking place before the transferral of the aforementioned waste to an accompanying support ship that

will take it onshore for recycling.


Of trimaran design, it can be subsequently outfitted with 'SWATH' hulls. In a patent-protected variant, the ship can be of single-hull design or of different multihull design. 


The vessel is capable of filtering a layer of water up to 30 meters deep and 100 meters (328 ft.) wide at twelve knot speeds.

Highly autonomous and possessing the means to produce rapidly and continually

(on a 24/7 basis), the Ocean Phoenix 360 is a key component in the fight against ocean pollution. It will remain operational even in the most severe weather conditions, ensuring constant and optimal waste recovery.

In order to provide a better idea of the Ocean Phoenix’s capabilities, one need only compare the volume of water that enters its tank to that of Niagara Falls. Treating a volume of 16,500 m³ per second, the Ocean Phoenix has an output

2.8 times greater than Niagara Falls during its peak season. In light of this comparison, the unique capabilities of the Ocean Phoenix 360 become more readily perceivable.

In addition to these heretofore-unseen attributes, we must also make note

of its high polyvalence. The Ocean Phoenix 360 does not discriminate between shipping containers, multi-ton logs (occasionally found where currents converge), plastic waste (and other forms of debris) and micro-plastics, practically the size of plankton.

Recent studies have emphasized the harm inflicted upon marine environments

and their fauna because of plankton intermixing with micro-plastics.

Common sense compels us to eliminate this waste, but we will defer to the official recommendations of scientists and researchers and calibrate our filtration systems in accordance with their guidelines.

Recent studies indicate that the North Pacific layers range from 1.4

to 3.4 million square kilometers.

A fleet of 20 ships could treat an area of roughly 3 million square kilometers in

10 years, or more with supplemental ships, depending on the total area of the

waste layers.

The treatment of the total surface area of the planet’s ocean plastic waste will likely require a fleet estimated at 40 Ocean Phoenix vessels.

OCEAN PHOENIX 360 is presented as a realistic and viable solution: 

a hybrid factory-ship ready to meet the greatest environmental challenge of our time, and one which all are invited to discover through their perusal of our general presentation.

Preliminary analysis has been carried out by 'The Offshore Partners', a naval study bureau based in the Netherlands. Their conclusions leave no doubt as to the feasibility of the vessel and its equipment (refer to their letter of endorsement which can be seen at the bottom of the “Partners” page).

The wealth of technical expertise possessed by the design offices and shipyards we will employ guarantees that the construction of the Ocean Phoenix 360 will proceed in a measured and timely manner. This major advantage will enable us to optimize the Ocean Phoenix’s construction.


This initiative is indeed a challenge of colossal proportions, but our analysis and preliminary calculations allow us to consider it one perfectly feasible to overcome with specialized methods, and for costs that, while significant, will be far lower than what most experts predict. In addition, these costs will be staggered over a period of at least ten years.


Given the current situation, Ocean Phoenix provides a timely solution, and its implementation will impact people as well as states, regions, small and large cities, and various individual and corporate sponsors who are now invited to participate and play an important supporting role in this project of unprecedented magnitude.


We leave to each individual to decide whether they wish to be a bystander or

an active participant in the endeavor to save the Oceans...