Supersized Factory Ship Retrieving Ocean Plastic Waste





Raison d'Etre of the Ocean Phoenix Mission


It can confidently be said that the eradication of marine pollution in the North Pacific and the world’s other major oceans is the greatest environmental undertaking in human history.


Its initial progression and the means of its financing are detailed herein.



Execution of the mission



Technical framework:

To successfully carry out the studies and the construction of the ships, a naval study Bureau has been chosen. This choice was based on its ability to bring about specialized ships and its close relations with major naval Shipyards (see “Partners” page on this site).

Its first action was to carry out a preliminary analysis of the different technical sections of the Ocean Phoenix concept, which allowed it to confirm the concept's relevance, with regards to the mission it is to carry out.

The naval study Bureau will act as Project Supervisor for the construction of the ships, unless the Client wishes a different arrangement.

However, the Ocean Phoenix Organization will still play a role in choosing the naval Shipyard and in the construction site of the ships.

Scientific framework:


During the project's launch, a Scientific Committee will be formed with Oceanographers from national oceanographic Institutes or Foundations implicated in the study of ocean plastic waste.

A panel of Oceanographers from all over the world will be selected to complete the teams already assembled during the project's launch, but also to accompany the fleet's ships during their operational period.


The Ocean Phoenix Organization will make use of “Mercator Ocean”, the French center for analysis and forecasting of the global ocean. Founded by the CNES (National Center for Space Studies), Mercator Ocean is supported by a number of national oceanographic bodies operating in France (CNRS, IFREMER, IRD, METEO France, SHOM).

The company develops analytical systems and oceanographic forecasts that describe, analyze, and predict the state of the oceans in 3D, on demand or in real time, locally or on a global scale.

It also offers oceanographic services on demand, derived from observations (by satellite or in situ) which make it possible to map out ship routes according to their pre-established itinerary, and to observe the progression of plastic pollution. The company is well-known for this, having supported scientific missions dedicated to researching plastic waste such as Expédition 7ème Continent (Expedition 7th Continent).

Taken in their totality, these oceanographic services constitute an important asset which will greatly contribute to the Ocean Phoenix's mission being a success. Mercator Ocean's website can be found here/

Each ship will also possess a dozen cabins reserved for any Scientists who may join the ship to carry out on-site studies during operations. They will have a laboratory at their disposal, with all the requisite equipment.

Financing of the Mission

See the general presentation available on this site.


Key strengths of the Ocean Phoenix concept:

  • . The viability of this concept was the subject of a preliminary study conducted by a naval design office, which removed any doubt regarding the concept’s viability.

  • . Its mode of operation is entirely in line with international maritime laws; vessels can operate in any oceanic zone without ever presenting any inconvenience or danger during navigation.

    . Its proficiency in recovering plastic waste of all shapes and sizes,

    including micro-plastics which intermingle with plankton to form a layer

    that adversely affects marine environments and the fauna that inhabits

    them. This polyvalence plays a role of utmost importance in the fight to

    eliminate the sheets of plastic pollution.

    . Its propulsion will be diesel-electric / LNG or hydrogen, which allows an

    optimal reduction of emissions of sulfur and carbon.

  • . The concept enables the retrieval of all large-sized floating waste, which is a serious threat to navigation and inflicts grave harm to merchant, fishing, and leisure vessels around the world.

  • A fleet of Ocean Phoenix ships can serve as an extraordinarily

     interactive, educational platform in order to encourage people

     worldwide to manage their plastic waste more efficiently.

     . Other important points are developped in the general presentation.

Story of the Ocean Phoenix Mission

An extensive volume detailing the history of the project’s launch will be released as a high quality physical copy.

This volume will comprise numerous illustrations and photographs presenting the planning, construction, and operation of the first ship and

its on-board factory. It will also provide information relating to the ship’s navigational systems, as well as an index listing all Founders and V.I.P Contributors.

This exceptional volume will also be released as a limited edition (gilt in gold) and made available to the general public.


Given the current situation, Ocean Phoenix provides a timely solution, and its implementation will impact people as well as States, regions, small and large cities, various individuals, celebrities and corporate sponsors who will be invited to participate and play an important supporting role in this project of unprecedented magnitude.

What is important now is to establish a convincing showcase that will ensure the Ocean Phoenix project becomes a reality.

Other financing options may be presented to us and all propositions reaching us will be thoroughly reviewed...